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N/Loyko Art School was founded in February 2005. In these four years we grew from 8 students to well over 200. Many of our students were accepted to advance art schools such as La Guardia, Mark Twain for the Gifted & Talented, Bay Academy and some of them are still participating in our vigorous training programs.

Below are some students and participants who came to out art school to prepare for the entrance examination into the higher education academies, colleges and schools. After our thorough training they passed examination within 5 percentile or less of all applying candidates.


Alexanda Petrenko
Alisa Lechtechinskaya
Anastasia Cvijic
Anna Klikushina
Anthony Tikhonov​
Arthur Zeltzer
Dennis Antonov
Eitan Natanzon
Emily Ruodnidskya
Gabriella Mocheniat
Ilona Davidova
Ivan Kimel
Jennifer Kraynyak
Julia Bikyrska
​Katia Gershfeld
Katia Kyznetsova

Lisa Inskervely
Liza Gutkin
Masha Adesman
Masha Gedrich
Maxine Derrick
Mechelle Kotch
Nicole Likhtenshteyn
Phillip Khoroshko
Sarah Born
Sharon Zitnik
Tamar Amirov
Valeriy Shlimov
Vika Krasnozhen
William Weaver
Yulian Krasnyar

Enjoying the academic approach - Julia.


Friendly atmosphere and wonderful teaching staff! My skill level increased significantly in the short term. I truly like the academic approach that brought my drawing and painting techniques to the level of pros plus you can always get a good advice on various subjects.

This is my third art school - Mike

This is my third art school. Not to say that somewhere taught better or worse, but here is a special atmosphere and energy which seems to be somehow coherent with me. From the first day I feel very comfortable with staff and settings. Thanks to our teacher for having shared with us not only their knowledge but also a part of the heart!

It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child. - Pablo Picasso

N/Loyko Art School   •   (347) 512-9107​   •   2313 Avenue U - BROOKLYN - NY - 11229​

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