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N/Loyko Art School Invites Everyone To Take Lessons.

Experienced teachers will help you to discover your inner artist with the help of our courses. We will help you learn the basics of great art and improve your skills. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to create.


Our motto is "Creativity without limits" can be taken literally: in the studio nothing will limit your cravings for creativity!


Our school has developed its own system of teaching art. We have taken the best, time-tested educational practices from Russian art universities, and as a result we were able to get a unique and extremely effective system of teaching drawing.


Traditionally classic schools are focused primarily on the deep mastery of drawing which is a very slow process. We have developed techniques that allow the same, but in a much shorter time. For example, in our school you can learn to draw realistic portraits in three months and of course, no system of classical training will give you such skills so quickly.


We can teach drawing anyone. Over many years we have learned that in every person there is an "inner sleeping artist" and we can help you to awaken him. First, you need to realize why do you want to learn drawing? If your goal is just to show others that you can draw a picture, then in this case we have a few workshops. If your goal to study of different techniques and methods of drawing, starting from scratch, then you need serious training which we can readily provide.

The goal of our courses in drawing and painting is to:

• Teach how to draw simple and complex objects;
• Study perspective;
• Teach how to render objects by means of light and shade;
• Paintings of complex figures to learn the basics of composition;
• Learn how to draw from nature, still life, landscape;
• Explore a variety of methods and techniques of drawing;

Drawing and painting for children

Children in the classroom draw illustrations from the beloved tales, landscapes, still life, and study the properties of different artistic materials. Any course can be adjusted to suit the individual needs and desires.

Training for an Art Colleges & Universities / Portfolio Building

Today, in order to go to a good college or an art school and get a good education you need to bring a serious expertise in subject to the entrance exam. Sadly, it is often insufficient to take those exams with knowledge acquire from the regular high school so many applicants face further challenges in order to prepare for those.


So, if you have decided to enroll in an art college, you should find a good shop with an experienced teachers who will tutor you, prepare you for the exams, lead you into the world of creativity and let you discover the secrets of this skill. You learn how to use different techniques while building your portfolio.


Our teachers have a huge amount of knowledge of the theory and practice of academic drawing & painting, and can share this knowledge and experiences with you. In addition, we know the requirements and the specifics of the universities and we will help you acquire the artistic skills needed to pass the exams.

Advanced classes for students of 12 years old and up:

• Basics of artistic skills, the development of artistic perception, symbolic thinking (psychology color of drawing, building composition, staging hand, the concept and study of shadows, light, shade, volume, especially with different graphic materials);

• The shape and texture (transformation and stylization, the external features of objects, the stages of creating an image, creating textures using different materials, types of shading and light and shade);

• The image of water surfaces (creating the illusion of reflection, transparency);

​• Academic drawing

• Academic painting

• Composition

Master Level - For those who are comfortable with the Advanced Level

A painting is never finished -- it simply stops in interesting places - Paul Gardner

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