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Our Art School was developed as a result of connection symmetry between the knowledge seekers and the mastery of art teachers. Art School was founded in 2005 by a current member of Artist Union of Russia - Nadja Loyko & Timur Maslenikov.​

From the first days of our operations always tried to achieve the following goals:

Our school should have a distinguishable academic preparation programs. We differentiate ourselves from amateur after school programs, every participating students regardless of the age have an access and ability to practice various methods and techniques in painting, composition or drawing with an instructions of the professional.

We have an attractive setting for productive work. Art studio for children and adults involve settings for a natural and effective creativity. We do everything to reveal creative and independent personalities in every student who wants to master art skills.

Our school has the convenient schedule of lessons and courses for everyone. Classes are very flexible and based on your own schedule. Our school also offers private lessons and art college exams preparation if those are required.

We only work with highly qualified, distinguished, experienced and talented teachers that have completed Russian Art Universities. Today it is one of our key advantages over other schools and after school programs. We are always working hard to help develop talents and capabilities in our students.

Our school is practicing its own programs based on the perception of experts. Judging by the acceptance rate of our students to further art schools and universities our program is very effective. We are more than just a drawing class, not only we create the foundation for beginners, we also develop skills, professions and hobbies.

One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself. — Leonardo da Vinci

N/Loyko Art School   •   (347) 512-9107​   •   2313 Avenue U - BROOKLYN - NY - 11229​


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